Though Not Equipped, Marycare Health Center is Already Saving Lives!

Marycare Health CenterJuly 29, 2015. I just came back from a mission trip in Nigeria where I went to supervise our outreach projects. During my visit, we did a test run of the health center with our recruited committed staff, chief nurse Antonia Edoziem, Rose Ndubuaku, nursing assistant Olivia, and doctors Obinna Ihemedu and Emeka Okoroama. Over 70 patients were treated. Since then the weekly doctor’s visit has been averaging 60 to 70 patients. People are coming from the distant towns of Ogbaku, Agwa and Akabo to Ejemekwuru for medical treatment. On Sunday July 26, 2015 at exactly 9:45 pm, the first baby was delivered at Marycare health center Ejemekwuru, a bouncing baby girl. Mother and daughter are doing very well.

While the physical structure itself is complete and we have been able to attract and recruit a committed local staff, the facility is yet to be fully equipped. We are looking for help to gather up any available retired stock [equipment, supplies, etc.] from hospitals here in the US that we can then arrange to be shipped out there, where they can still save a few lives.

It broke my heart that due to lack of medical supplies and equipment, the doctors were forced to refer some of the patients to a faraway government hospital in the city. Do you know what was sad about that? The doctors in that government hospital have been on strike for months even as I write this update. It can be demoralizing to have a building, sitting full of promise, but promise only; not to mention the practical need of helping a sick person today, tomorrow and the next.

The people of Ejemekwuru and their surrounding neighbors have waited long enough. Help us provide the life-saving medical supplies and equipment by donating today. We are so close to ready. It is doable. Let's do it. Visit

Fr. Emmanuel Ihemedu
Vice President Marycare

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