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How Your Support Can Change Lives in Nigeria

Each year, MaryCare organizes an Annual Medical Mission to Ejemekwuru. During this special event, specialist doctors like optometrists, dentists, otolaryngologists, and general practitioners come together to provide much-needed specialized care to the community for free. This means people can get the help they need right in their own neighbourhood. These are services they would have otherwise travelled several hours and pay huge amounts of money to access.

Many people in Ejemekwuru face challenges in accessing specialized healthcare. This is why the annual medical mission is very important even though the Marycare Health Centre runs all through the year. We believe that with your help, people can receive the care they deserve.

With improved healthcare access, people's lives are empowered and transformed. Families can flourish, children can thrive, and the community as a whole benefits from a healthier and stronger population.

Join Us in Making a Change. By supporting MaryCare's mission, you become part of a meaningful journey to change lives.

Join us on October 14th for a memorable night of Entertainment, Art, Wine, Cheese, and a Silent Auction.

For Tickets, contact Joyce DeAngelo at 860-309-6828

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