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MaryCare Launches its New Website to Commemorate Their Second Medical Mission to Nigeria

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

MaryCare Inc., provides healthcare, nutrition, clean water, and micro-loans to entrepreneurs to the underserved in remote or otherwise neglected communities around across the globe.

MaryCare's Website: A Portal to Another World

MaryCare's new website will allow visitors to keep abreast of the organizations activities, be a source of marketing and fundraising, but also serve as the first step in receiving oblates who wish to join in the organizations mission to help the underserved around the world.

Oblates can volunteer in myriad ways, including joining in on medical mission trips, organizing fundraisers at home, and supporting and increasing the mission's goal in finding and serving other communities in need of critical healthcare, medicines, clean water, healthy nutrition, health education and even skills training and micro-loans for entrepreneurs.

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