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Marycare Celebrates Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ihemedu

Marycare is elated to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Executive Director, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ihemedu. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Father Ihemedu on being honored with the 'Distinguished Elementary School Pastor of the Year 2023' award.

Father Ihemedu is a beacon of hope and inspiration anywhere he finds himself. He serves diligently as the pastor and academy director at St. John Paul the Great. Despite all odds, Father ensures the advancement of Catholic education. He played a pivotal role in reversing the decision to close the academy, which was once on the brink of shutting down with an enrollment of fewer than 90 students. Today, the academy thrives with enrollment numbers that have more than doubled. This is a significant achievement especially when Catholic schools and parishes are facing challenges statewide.

The Archdiocese of Hartford’s Center for Catholic Education & Formation annually honors a distinguished pastor for their dedication to advancing Catholic education. This year, Father Ihemedu was the deserving recipient of this honor.

In Father Ihemedu's words, the real heroes are the congregation and the city of Torrington. He believes in collective effort and gives credit to everyone involved in the academy's success.

At Marycare, we are proud to have him as our Executive Director and celebrate his achievements. Congratulations, Father Ihemedu! May your journey be filled with many more accolades and successes.

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