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Marycare Laboratory Now Open and Fully Equipped for Essential Medical Tests

Good News Alert!!! The Marycare Laboratory is now open and fully functional. It has the capacity to run the following tests; 1.Complete blood Count plus blood film examination 2.Total White cell count 3.Differential white cell count 4.Packed cell volume 5.Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) 6.Haemoglobin determination 7.Malaria parasite screening 8.Widal test 9.Faecal occult blood (ulcer) 10.Helicobacter pylori (ulcer) 11.VDRL(SYPHILIS) 12.Pregnancy test 13.Prostate specific antigen qualitative (prostate cancer screening) 14.Cholesterol test 15.Blood glucose test 16.Urinalysis +Microscopy 17.Uric acid test 18.HIV determination 19.Hepatitis B antigen test 20.Blood group determination As the Clinic expands more tests will be included in the future. Thanks to our sponsors for all you do and your continuous support. You could be part of our mission to end the vicious cycle of poverty in underserved communities by making a donation. Visit today to donate or send us an email at

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